Michelin 35" Basic Snow Brush

Be ready for the next winter blast. The Michelin 35” snow brush features a built-in ice scraper and ergonomic foam grip to provide a comfortable and secure grip when clearing snow and ice.

This excellent MICHELIN product is available to buy through leading retailers.

Michelin 35" Basic Snow Brush
Michelin 35" Basic Snow Brush
  • Curved brush tip for improved cleaning
  • Length: 35"
  • 3 rows of soft-touch PVC bristles on brush head
  • Comfortable easy-grip foam handle
  • Extra wide ice scraper built-in
  • Ergonomic handle makes ice scraping easier
  • Lightweight & durable design

  • Length: 89 cm L x 10 cm W x 11.6 cm H (35" x 4 W“ x 4.6 H“)
  • Weight: .35 kg (.8 lbs)

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