Our power transmission portfolio is extensive and includes a complete range of friction belts, multi-ribbed belts, timing belts, and idlers / tensioners for both auxiliary and synchronous drives designed for replacement in most types of cars.

MICHELIN Timing belts

OE Quality Replacement Parts

Our MICHELIN Timing Belt transfers Torque and Speed from the pulleys of Crankshaft to Camshaft and maintaining the synchronization between the two axes. It transmits power and timing between teeth of the belt when running on the pulleys while idlers and tensioners ensure continuous longitudinal and tension in the drive. MICHELIN Timing Belt meets all OE automotive manufacturer performance requirements. Our Timing Belt delivers precise length stability to keep the engine running smoothly over the life of the belt. Furthermore, MICHELIN Timing Belts are also available with reinforced nylon fabric and back side jackets for long wear, and PTFE.

MICHELIN Auxiliary Drive Belts PK and AVX

The Auxiliary Belts are transmitting power from the crankshaft pulleys to the various drives of the FEAD (Front Engine Ancillary Drive) which also includes accessories. Our MICHELIN Auxiliary Belts are designed to optimize costs and reduce CO2 emission by increasing the belts flexibility and reducing its weight.

MICHELIN Timing Belt Kits

The PERFECT match for your vehicle's engine
application All-in-one REPAIR in OE quality

The MICHELIN Timing Belt Kits allows to replace the Timing Belts along with the matched Idlers and Tensioners at once for professional maintenance. And the MICHELIN Timing Belt Kits not only include key drive components but also all little parts which required to be replaced equally such as nuts, screws, springs.

MICHELIN Timing Belt Kits

with Water Pump

Go further and save your precious time with the Michelin Timing Belt Super Kits including all key components for your timing belt drive with a high-performance, high-endurance timing belt, long-lasting idlers and tensioners, all small parts (nuts, springs, etc.), and water pump in OE quality for your specific vehicle application.

MICHELIN Accessory 
Idlers and Tensioners

Generate Tension and guiding with high confidence!

We have developed our MICHELIN Idlers and Tensioners to reduce vibration, wear and friction into the engine drive belt systems for both Accessory and Distribution, to deliver the service life expected as OE premium components. Our manufacturing process is robustly built to narrow tolerances and demanding specifications to ensure perfect function for your application.

Never put limits on yourself,

strive for perfection!

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