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Michelin® Premium
Wiper Blades

Michelin Premium Hybrid blades combine the windshield hugging features of a conventional spring-loaded blade with the anti-snow build-up feature of a beam blade for superior streak and noise free wiping in rain, ice and snow. Michelin hybrid blades feature our exclusive Fit-Right™ Design that adjusts wiper blade contact pressure across the curvature of the windshield to deliver outstanding windshield wiping performance.

All Weather Performance

Michelin® Guardian Hybrid Wiper Blade

See clearly, drive safely with the MICHELIN® Guardian Hybrid Wiper Blade. The MICHELIN® Guardian Wiper blade is built tough for durable wiping performance in ALL weather! The unique patented design with Fit-Right Design adapts to the curvature of your windshield for superior wipe performance. The EZ Lok connector system allows for installation in minutes – plus easy step by step installation videos!
1Advanced Hybrid Blade Technology
combines the aerodynamic, clog free design of a beam blade with the optimal windshield wipe contact of a traditional blade giving you the optimal windshield contact for better wipe performance
2Fit-Right™ Design
adjusts the wiper contact to match the curve of your windshield for better wipes and improved vision
3Built Tough
better all season design for during wiping performance in all weather-heavy rain, ice, sleet and snow
4EZ Lok™ Connector System
for quick and easy replacement in minutes
5Durable Cover
provides maximum flexibility and protects wiper mechanism from clogging with snow, ice or debris
6Advanced Wiper Rubber
designed for long life with streak free, quiet wipes!

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