MICHELIN® 11 Piece Automotive Wash Kit

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MICHELIN® 11 Piece Automotive Wash Kit
MICHELIN® 11 Piece Automotive Wash Kit
MICHELIN® 11 Piece Automotive Wash Kit MICHELIN® 11 Piece Automotive Wash Kit

The ultimate all-in-one vehicle cleaning and finishing kit With the large capacity bucket with removeable grate, wheel and fender brushes, wash and scrub sponge and wearable cleaning mitt, interior duster, XL drying towel, and product applicator kit, this truly is the ultimate car wash kit! The durable high-quality cleaning tools are all washable and fit neatly back into the bucket for storage. Perfect for collectors and car lovers The Ultimate Car Wash Kit has everything they need to make your vehicle shine inside and out, and the bright blue and yellow colours and MICHELIN® logo will look great in their garage.

Features: LARGE BUCKET WITH GRATE 4.5 gal (17L) capacity bucket with removeable grate traps grit and debris to prevent scratches and damage to your vehicle DURABLE SCRATCH-FREE BRUSHES Mag wheel brush and fender brush have weather-resistant ABS handles, ergonomic non-slip rubber grips, and soft but powerful bristles 2-WAY DASHBOARD DUSTER Microfibre duster traps dirt and dust while the narrow detailing brush lets you reach into every crevice WASH AND SCRUB SPONGE AND MITT Made of ultra-thick chenille material for maximum soap and water capacity with a strong mesh surface to scrub away bugs and tar with no scratching PROTECT YOUR FINISH Dry with the ultra-absorbent, lint-free LX drying towel before applying wax or polish with the machine-washable applicator pads with easy-grip handle Each kit Includes: -1 Car wash bucket with removeable grate (17 L) -Mag wheel brush -wheel/fender brush -Microfibre dashboard duster with detailing brush -Chenille wash and scrub sponge -Chenille wash and scrub mitt -XL microfibre drying towel (24” x 39”) -Microfibre applicator pad kit (3 x applicator pads plus 1 x plastic handle)


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